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@@Bad A.S.S BLUE Headkit ADA RACE SPORT [email protected]@

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  • @@Bad A.S.S BLUE Headkit ADA RACE SPORT [email protected]@

    Okay he I go again. Ive been trying to sell this ped on Ebay but the people that win the auction never claimed "Ebay Messed Up" Now, I heard of this website and decided to give it a try. So please post on this thread if you are serious about buying....sorry But I dont accept trades or am I parting this ped. Here are the Specs:

    *2001 ADA Blue Racing Sport*:
    -ADA Series One Chrome Tuned Exhaust Pipe Complete
    -ADA Chrome Headkit With a 17:1 Dome
    -ADA Race Pistion-The Piston Has Been Lightened
    -ADA Walbro High Performance Carb (just tuned)
    -ADA Tall V-Stack
    -ADA Billet Intake Manifold
    -ADA Lightened Flywheel
    -Team Go-Nads Medium Billet Chrome X-Port
    -Team Go-Nads Used Four (4) Bolt X-Can With Tune Kit
    -Polished Fancover With Mirror Finish
    -GSS Rokit Key
    -Cylinder Has Been Ported By Nearby Machine Shop
    -Cylinder Has Been Milled to Specific Degree By Machine Shop Also
    -Engine Has Just Been Checked Out
    -All Screws Have Been Replaced With Steel Hex-Head Screws
    -RTV Gaskets
    -Brand New Back Tire

    I have Recently taken this 2001 Blue Race Go-Ped apart and then has been fully cleaned out. This Go-Ped can reach Speeds of up to 35 MPH which is not a lie how I read in into this wedsite and people sometimes lying about their Top speed. I love the Ped i hate to sell it but im Looking into Street Bikes now so im trying to raise some money for one. I may be able to aquire some pictures but i have to check with someone with a digital camera. The ped is in supreme condition. only minor scratches on the top of the Head Shell Dome which happened when I tried to clean the spark plug and the wrench slipped. Im asking $550.00 (Firm) for this Go-Ped. It comes with the 4 Bolt X-can and all hardware for The Series One Pipe and everything. You can reach me at my AIM name at FOXRACER10987 or email me at [email protected]. If it doesnt sell soon it may be back on Ebay again or I MAY consider a little lower of a price. Pedders know how much money can be dumped into a ped and they also know that this is very cheap for this Ped. Thanks Alot Guys. AIM HANDLE: FOXRACER10987 EMAIL: [email protected]

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    what spindle size u got on there?


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      pics on request email me at [email protected]


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            sorry 2/3


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                    thats a friggen good deal!
                    I sold my goped


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                      will you trade your goped for a modded RC engine and 50 bucks?let me know
                      AIM: Ugot2LUVme1987


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                        that isn't a blue head kit???
                        I sold my goped


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                          no offence but an lh with everything possible cant go 35

                          but you have a really nice goped