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  • GoPedder02's Sport for sale...

    I have to finally sell my goped due to finacial problems, and the cops...I plan on getting a car soon, need the extra cash.... Only problem is the rear fender, it cracked off due to vibration... NO PARTING, NO TRADING...yet.

    Mods are :
    Ported HE23HP, .800 Long, HP Carb, HP Filter, Hookupz 3rd BS, ADA S1, ProFlow, Prowler, Prowler Beadlock, Case Porting, Ported and Resurfaced Intake, Case Porting, Matched Cases, Piston lightening, Piston Mod, Ported Exhaust Port. All work done by Douglas @ ESP. Never seized. Always ran at 25:1 with Klotz R50 Racing Oil. Underdeck blue lighting w/out batteries as well.

    500 Shipped or BO...