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    im selling a goped with a g23orc engine on it. and i have taken great measures to take care of this goped. the minimum octane i ever used was 105 and i always used caster oil 925. as you can see the ped has been taken care of. it starts exteremely easy. and i am proud to say i have never wrecked on are the things i have done to it.

    billet throttle lever. new throttle brake lever. red brake calpers.ada racing BIG BORE HEAD KIT.i have two domes for it the 15/1 and the 17/1. red gas cap. gas tank cover. crome pancake air filter.billet rims. a racing .750 spindle and a 3rd berring support.steel braided brake line and fuel lines. hp carb. long xport. x can V2. two billet fuel filters. you can give me 450 or bid on ebay