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nice,cheep,custom sport arr

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  • nice,cheep,custom sport arr

    this is a sport i have had for a few years it has a custom blue and polished alluminum paint job i just bought a new 1.5 l gas tank for it gas tank hardware blue break leaver blue front break blue pankake air filter and velosity stack it has a fairly new motor that needs a piston and rod THATS comes with the crank but its not in the motor and a 700 spindle 3rd bearing sapport.custom dimond plate deck and fender and steel flange. i have all the mounting hardwre for the motor.this is ready to go and a really nice ped the motor is fresh and just needs a rod and piston this would be an awsum first ped and it has alot of potentiol i was going to buy an rc motor for it but ran out of cash i would like to get 250 for it which is a kick a** deal.its hard for me 2 let this go but i need the cash and i will compramise!!!

    asking 250!!!!!! i will have pics soon
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    goped,quad and cars.

    im set

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    ok guys this thing must go i am looking for 100 now anybody want a sport w/ almost 300 dollars in it for 100 dollars? please
    goped,quad and cars.

    im set


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      im interested


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        Ill Buy

        ILL BUY!!!!!!! [email protected] or sleepykevin4 on aim