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  • motor and all sport parts for sale

    hey guys i got alot of parts ive collected over time and im trying to build a bf beater to ride on the street. ill list em if your looking for other stuff send me an im at mirraman608 and ask i probably have it.

    first up is the motor parts and prices

    rc stuff
    flywheel 7 bucks
    cylinder good conditon 10 bucks
    piston 5 bucks
    rod 5 bucks
    crankshaft 20 bucks
    no cases sorry

    lh stuff
    igntion 5 bucks
    flywheel 5 bucks
    both cases 10 bucks
    piston 3 bucks
    clyinder 9 bucks
    crank 15 bucks
    exaust 3 bucks
    complete running lh minus airfilter 50 bucks

    sport parts
    raw frame 15 bucks
    forks lefty 5 bucks
    forks bothy flat 5 bucks
    deck 5 bucks
    wheels 5 bucks each
    complete bars 10 bucks two available
    spindle long drive new 7 bucks
    ftg 3 bucks
    stem and bars 25 bucks

    china scooter x stuff almost new

    36cc motor 50 bucks
    tranny 40 bucks bucks
    frame forks deck front wheel seat all asembbled 45 bucks
    twist throttle 5 bucks

    thanks guys taking trades on bigfoot stuff also make offers on stuff i might take it those prices do not include shipping send me an email at mirraman608 on stuff your interested in or post here replys will be made very quickly
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    I want both the Lh Cases talk to me on stlspooncivic on AIM thanks


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      Whats going on, I paid you last thursday to ship USPS Priority mail and you were suppose to ship it on Friday and give me a tracking number... It's tuesday and you haven't sent me anything and you don't answer my emails... If I don't get a response by tonight I will be filing a report with PayPal. Let me know what the hell is going on...

      -Mike (DPR)


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        Complaint process has been filed... NO ONE TRUST THIS USER.. he is a COMPLETE FRAUD... TRYING TO STEAL MY MONEY!!!


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          buddy i sent this morning

          Sent This Morning Yes It Was Late But God Damn Your Getting Your Parts!


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            DO NOT BUY FROM THIS USER, 20$Sport, he blocks me on AIM after recieving money, dodges me for a week and then I have to deal with his Mommy... DO NOT TRUST... they send the package 2 weeks later and sent it UPS ground after I paid for USPS Priority... total waste of time and the package still hasn't got here... He spent the money and told me he didn't have $ to ship my items... immature little punk!


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              awsome prices.. what kinda stem is that? i might buy the stem n lefty fork off u 4 the right price!