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Sweet Lookin Fast As Hell Ped $650

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  • Sweet Lookin Fast As Hell Ped $650


    Sweet Lookin Fast As Hell Ped $650
    i am tired of just kickin people's butt in racing so i want a freestyle ped xped or super x if u want to buy my ped or trade ur super x or x im chrisrollinger69 or post a reply
    Bought new in december 2002 blue sport
    *BIGbore kit
    *ADA series one
    *Engine trix air scoop
    *tall k&n and v stack
    *Billet five spoke wheels
    *polished ada big daddy board (one of a kind)
    *Billet pedmatrix slide tube(no wooble handlebars)
    *Hollywood tank cover( all black with star)
    *GOLD PLATED slide tube spring
    *ada cable clamp
    * hollywood polished gas cap
    *ada 3rd bearing support
    *trued crank for higher rpm's
    *ported big bore
    *new tires to much to list
    no pics on site but serious buyer's aim me at chrisrollinger69
    for pics i have every angle covered
    everything bascally new *I weigh 190 and it does 35mph no lie,
    with me on it. $650 obowell over$1400 invested im chrisrollinger69for pics

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    Nice ped! I dont need it, but try Ebay
    - Black BBHK 26.9cc Bigfoot
    - Red GSR-40
    - Black Knowped - Sold
    AIM: JustXWitherAway


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      Re: Sweet Lookin Fast As Hell Ped $650

      Originally posted by Chris35+ped

      *polished ada big daddy board (one of a kind)
      Not one of a kind, I have a highly polished ADA Big Daddy deck on my SXP, see photo.
      G290RC, ADA Billet rims, air filter, stem, bars, ROC Snake pipe, TF SCOOP &Tank cover, Judgement Day


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        that is a sweet ped


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          check out my other ped

          check it out not a sport by the way and thats a rc