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Lots of parts. Spindle, xped, Bigfoot compatible

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  • Lots of parts. Spindle, xped, Bigfoot compatible

    I finally made the effort to list all my parts.

    if it's not listed then its not for sale so please don't ask if you see something else in the picture. It's 100% not happening!

    I'm looking to trade for the following parts:

    mad dog brakes and disc and mounting hardware, silver metal bigfoot wheels, throttle cable for xped and Bigfoot, 1.5l tank, big third bearing spindle and bearing for bigfoot ada motor mount, single xped billet wheel.

    my stuff:

    $1,000 for everything. Will part out individually. Make an offer. Minimum $20 please. I don't need to sell a spindle for $5 lol it's kinda a waste of time for me. I would much rather trade.


    black engine trix black widow (bigfoot)
    ada "big daddy" (i think) for bigfoot
    old school engine trix slotted (xped)
    other engine trix tribal kinda look (bigfoot)
    carbon fiber hard tire deck (spray painted green) carbon fiber hard tire deck - black and orange
    Unknown red deck with holes.


    Stock sbf pre mad single side orange
    Blue single hard tire
    Painted candy blue dual side pre mad


    Rare goquad rear bumper. Primed
    Handle bars
    Sikk chrome rc fan cover
    Tbr 4 bolt third bearing for sport/xped..needs polish
    Umi racing billet jet ski throttle with button and wires. Can be modified for goped use but I like the skills.
    Billet fender for hard tire frame. x3
    2x 1 liter gas tanks
    Goped padding and Velcro cover for bars
    Ada third bearing for bigfoot
    Misc velocity stacks for hp air filters
    New rc flywheel. Used rc flywheel with some fins broken
    Brand new wood grind deck for xped x2
    Random spindles (black magic not for sale or trade)

    New in bag:

    Square kickstand x2
    Z shaped kickstand
    Bigfoot tank bracket


    Robo clamp in decent condition
    "Goped" square in great condition
    "Custom street toyz"

    Gas caps:

    Bmr black biohazard
    Tbr silver biohazard

  • #2
    How much for big foot 3rd bearing, 2 normal size velocity stacks and filters, few bigfoot spindles, used rc flywheel, bigfoot kickstand? Looking at putting together a bigfoot for my kids and I'm not sure exactly what I'll need at this point.


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      1. If its not listed then its not for sale

      2. Offer


      • #4
        Deck on orange frame, biohazard gas caps sold

        Ada gas cap pending on ebay payment


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          How much for the BF spider deck shipped to Socal ? Thank you.
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          • #6
            Local guy wants to buy for 150 so 160+ shipping


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