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    First off, hello everyone! Long time no see!

    Man, this place REALLY changed since I left to try to better myself and worked like a dog. I apologize if I haven't been active here for the past 3 years or so but I finally got a capable computer so I can try better to keep up on the notifications here. I also deleted all my social media to further enhance my well being.

    ANYWAYS...... I still have a very large stash of goped parts that was put away and now I want them to go to various hands that will cherish and use them.

    This is a long list and will be updated as I go along when I make a visit to my mom's house. Here's what I have that I can remember:

    Zenoah G43L engine stock
    Zenoah GT40 engine ( my custom gsr40 engine while using a gt40 4 port cylinder head and 3mm stacked head spacer.)
    Various single sided front forks ( mostly pre MD, maybe 1-2 MD units)
    Gsr40 flywheel cover kit to convert the coil to LH style to eliminate a rev limiter

    HDA 36 carb( Relabeled and updated HDA 77B carb. )

    Brake rotors and calipers( Pre MD and MD)
    Evo 2 roller ( maybe use for parts but was running with the active 50 engine before selling the power plant)
    couple decks
    sport roller

    and maybe more......

    So let me get some pics together and let's get this started. All I have at hand are the two elusive HDA 77 carbs which I know the value of them hence keeping them at my close possession.

    Have a great day!
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    Noticing an already interest on my HDA 77 carbs

    Agreed on my pricing of 200.

    Those who pm are replied with instructions.

    Will try to update the list again potentially tomorrow.
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      Any pic of the evo roller and price pls thank you


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        Still unable to go to the house to pick up parts, will try again tomorrow.

        And those who are wondering,

        I have TWO HDA 77 carbs.
        But one is labeled as the HDA 36 but they cross reference exactly as each other but has very subtle difference.

        The 77 has brass fittings, longer tuning screws and a shorter choke arm linkage.

        The 36 has a newer plastic fuel inlet and a metal pulse fitting (similar to the 223), shorter tuning screws and a slightly longer choke arm.

        Both carbs were fitted and operated on the same exact piece of equipment and their SKU correlates with each other so if you miss out on the 77, don't sweat too hard until the 36 gets sold.

        BTW, the 36 is much more rare than the 77 for some odd reason.
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          Have any pics of the gt40 engine? Just curious, sent PM