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What gear ratio will get me more top speed on my evo2x and where to buy them

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  • What gear ratio will get me more top speed on my evo2x and where to buy them

    I have a evo 2x with a gp460 cylinder reed engine. I want to change the rear sprocket to a smaller one for more top speed. Anybody know what size sprocket I should get and where to order it from? I’m also looking to get more power. Just ordered a jet pro rhino pipe but it say allow 6-10 weeks for delivery. I just put the esp cylinder reed ported head and windowed reed ported piston on it and my first initial thoughts was it has less power and speed than the stock gp46o. Still breaking in and trying to tune the carb but I suck at it. I can’t find any dealers or anybody in Michigan who really has hi performance parts or builds engines. Any help?

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    I’m pretty new to this also but I’ve had some luck with tuning. Although not with a Reed engine. But as far as gearing goes it’s not nearly as complicated at everyone makes it out to be. Divide the number of teeth on the rear sprocket by the number of teeth on the pinion sprocket. The smaller that number is, the taller that gearing. Go too tall with not enough power and your bottom end acceleration will suck. You might still get too speed improvement but it’ll take forever to get there. On my 460 im using 7/72. No pipe but race ported and it’s not taking off quite well enough but im hitting high 30’s. i just put on the 15:1 compression head kit from ADA but now it’s not race Ported….still hitting high 30’s and still slow on the take off. I’m about to port the high compression kit and I’m pretty sure that’ll fix the acceleration problem. But even once it’s ported, until my rhino comes in the mail I’m not going taller than 7/72, maybe 8/72. Once my rhino comes in the mail it’ll be able to pick up quickly and I’ll be in the mid 40’s for sure. i might go even taller at that point just to see how fast I can push it but I think 8/72 with 96 links is pretty solid if you have some power. With the Reed engine and a pipe I’m sure you can go even taller. I hear 10/68 will take you into the high 40’s/low
    50’s but you’ll for sure need the rhino and you still probably be slow on the take-off. Once your rhino comes do 7/72 with a 94 link chain and I promise you won’t be disappointed