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sweet *** go-ped 4 sale!!!

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  • sweet *** go-ped 4 sale!!!

    #1.Engine tricks spider deck.(billet)
    #2.ada billet gas cap.
    #3.Pro grips.
    #4.ada billet throttle lever.
    #5.ada billet side scoop.
    #6.H.P carb,finely tuned.
    #7.meyer short stack air filter.
    #8.Bigbore kit.
    #9.ada race Pipe,series 1.
    #10.3.rd.bearing support.
    #11.Engine tricks (new)hardend spindle,(750.)
    #12.Billet fuel filter.
    #13.rocket key.

    veary fast go-ped( 50-55)mph.nice looking sport.4 sale.
    1100$ please call. (357-7857)ask for Dave or Tyler.

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    what kind of engine is this??50-55 mph?!?!it sure cant be a zenoah because full blown trevor simpson motors dont go that fast...i clearly think you are lieing!!!and with that price you can buy a TSI and you only have a sport!!which is with rubber tires and not inflated ones!!!!
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      oh my $1100 for used sport? YIKES MAN!

      For the same $1100 you can get a fully built 55cc ACTIVE powered BladeZ photo'd here:

      Active, ADA V-Stack & Carb, 3 Stage Pipe, Billet Stem & Aluminum Profile bars w/crossbrace, Aluminum Deck, and best of all... ITS NEW.

      THIS scooter is a rocket at 44 mph... I have a REAL hard time even thinking that sport comes even close to 35 let alone 55.


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        Younger kids

        Speedy also happens to be an 11 yr. old kid ! Mr.

        No one asked for opinions or accusations, if you dont like it, then dont respond, it is that simple. Mom