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FS: Chrome Go Ped Sport $400

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  • FS: Chrome Go Ped Sport $400

    Since I am now riding a Brand new GSR40.....I have to clean out the garage.

    I have for sale my Chrome Go Ped Sport

    Chrome Frame
    Chrome Bothy Forks
    Mico Billet Deck

    G23LH with
    -rocket key
    -HP carb
    -velocity stack
    -Hi-Flow chromed filter
    -raised compression
    -chromed race pipe
    -.750 spindle
    -third bearing

    (2) Mach 12's in good shape

    -ADA tank cover
    -Blue annodized brake lever
    -Blue annodized brake caliper


    Will ship this Ped anywhere in the Lower 48 states. I have tried to attach a picture, but email me if you want more.

    If anyone has questions, please feel free to email me: [email protected]
    chris collier
    [email protected]

  • #2
    hey dude ill pay 400.00 for that but i have some ?'s how fast does it go and how long have u been havin it


    • #3
      This ped rips it up pretty good..........I never clocked it, but it was told to me that it did 35mph; I would say 30/31 easy.

      I have had the ped for two years, but now am riding a GSR 40

      chris collier
      [email protected]


      • #4
        hey i will be getting the money in probably a week because ihave 2sell my bigfoot on ebay it has performance deck,hp carb,rockit key,new clutch,chrome fender,chrome engine cover,oversized gray gas tank,chrome pull start handle and chrome and black gas cap if u no any 1 who migh b intrested jus write back im asking about 400.00 negotiable


        • #5
          I will keep my ears open for you

          chris collier
          [email protected]


          • #6
            Where are the handlebars?


            • #7
              This GoPed has been reduced to $300.00+shipping to lower 48. It is 'AS IS' meaning there is not a set of handlebars or downtube; the slide tube, annodized blue, is included.

              You can find a set of handlebars here in this forum, on eBay, or on for ~$20.00.

              That is all that is needed in order to have a fully functioning GoPed.

              I think that this is a more than fair price, considering the other aftermarket goodies on this ped.


              [email protected]
              chris collier
              [email protected]