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Stage 2 Blue Bird for sale!

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  • Stage 2 Blue Bird for sale!

    The Blue Bird has about 4 1/2 tanks through it. All the rides I've been on were on my bro's 43cc Mitsu besides the Sac Ride. It had been broken in on Pennzoil and then switched to Redline synthetic.
    After this it was sent to that guy for a stage 2 port job, it has milled cylinder, ported transfer, intake, and exhaust. All done on a lath and mill, so no uneven ports everything is to the exact dimensions that were specified by the builder. Also comes with a lightened flywheel witch was also done on the lath & Mill. It comes with an HP carb that will work with stock linkage along with a modified Muffler. The intake has also been ported so as to remove the little bumps on each side for better flow.

    I'm asking $350

    Fan cover has been modified so as to fit both chain and spindle drive. Cases were slightly modod so that it will accept a Big Block X Can. Motor runs very fast. Should beat Actives with a pipe.

    I am selling it so that I can afford a new scooter, and so I can afford a few parts for my G230RC.

    E Mail: [email protected] with questions or offers.

    Forgot to mention a few things.

    1st the motor has about 1/4 of a tank through it since it was ported.

    2nd it also comes with a V stack and shorty filter, same one that comes stock on the NSX.
    (Proline Racing)

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    Pic on scooter.

    Dose not come with pipe.
    (Proline Racing)


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      (Proline Racing)


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        did you sell it or did you give it back to "that guy"