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race/show super x for sale

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  • race/show super x for sale

    race and chromed supa x for sale
    hey I have a supa x ped for sale it is in good condition runs great goes about 30-35 max speed.

    apperance parts-

    chrome side scoop
    chrome fancover
    black gas tank cover
    lexan deck
    blue under light rope
    x ped rims
    ada 20" bars
    goped robo stem

    performance parts-

    ada air filter
    meyer filter cover
    big bore carb
    ada chrome head kit
    ada s2 pipe
    x can v.2 with chrome elbows
    steel ftg
    .800 spindle
    probably more stuff just can't think of it.

    I don't have pics yet but I will post soon. I am trying to sell for $650-750

    It has a black x ped frmae and a g230rc. I have put over $2000 into this ped not including buying the stock ped. I put alot of money into the other engine then bought this one and it runs great. it's a nice show/race ped.

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    ill give you 400 call my cell at 661 549 5744


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      give me 650 and u got a deal


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        450 and i pay shipping, thats as i as i can go


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          no im not gunna do it


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            then i guess ur not gonna sell it


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              why the hell not

              why the hell not


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                cuz u wanna give me 450 which is like half the price of a stock super x and i made it a super x from a sport and put 2000 dollars into it in the process


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                  and if u dont notice im trying to selling for 650-750 if u give me 600 plus shipping that u pay u got a deal


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                    no body gives a **** about how much money u put in it, its used, right?


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                      like that guy said its used, and a sport(which it really is) is only 400 brand new, no problems) and i am offering 450 plus shipping dude thats a hell of a deal. plus why r u selling it. and why would u spend 2000 on a sport. dont get me wrong. i love the sport. thats what i have. man cummon.


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                        I didnt spend 2000 on the sport. I put 2000 into it to make it a super x ped wiht show and race parts 650 is a good deal so what if its used everything on its only about a year old and im selling it for my car I get it in 3 months and have to pay for half


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                          $2000? you got ripped of big time... all of that i can get for about $1000, max.


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                            yeah but I put money into thew old engine and everything and I will add it all up and tell u it was 2000 and dont be coming on my thread terlling me I got ripped cuz I didnt and u cant get it for 1000 max


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                              scoop - 30
                              cover - 45
                              tank c - 10
                              deck - 90 MAX
                              light r - 30
                              rims - 110
                              bars - 120 w/ stem
                              filter - 35 w/ cover
                              carb - comes stock w/ engine
                              head - 185
                              pipe - 175
                              x can? da hell do u have an x can with a S2
                              ftg - 25
                              spin - 15
                              = 870

                              add 100 to that for ur sake and other parts u have on there

                              pretty much all of the stuff of ADA