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anyone have a sport, geo sport that is tricked out for 325, oh that has no problems

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  • anyone have a sport, geo sport that is tricked out for 325, oh that has no problems

    anyone have a sport,xped,geosport,bigfoot. that is in great condition that will sell 325 to 400 dollars? please leave ur name and phone number. if you are not serious about selling dont reply
    oh yeah my cell is 661-549-5744 :

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    Yo i got someone with a nice ped for sale, he just bought another ped so his selling the othr one he said hes gonna give you a ring tomorrow but his cell is 846 308 8941, it has an HP carb, ported cylinder, rockit key, lightweight flywheel, like new tires and its clean.
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    2002 Sport with Diamond Plate deck, ADA billet Throttle and brake levers, 5" Monster Tach with shift light" yea, it works too" Billet gas cap, 900. Black Magik Spindle with ADA 3rd Bearing Support, Chrome Fancover, ADA Solid Bead Lock and ADA solid front Rim, Ported Big Bore and 1MM Stroked G230RC, with a Kool Head and an Engine Trix Pipe.


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      i'm selling my geo x ped modded for 500 dollars not including shipping. the price is pretty firm. yes i will sell the frame and pipe separatly if you want. it has the following:

      geo x ped
      xt pipe
      kn filter
      v stack
      hp carb
      .750 spindle

      stock mods:
      6 spoke rims
      longer board
      lower center of gravity
      robo stem and handlebars

      other mods:
      new crank case
      new crank case gasket
      new engine mount
      true crank

      i have pictures but you have to pm me for them. also pm me for any questions that you have. i live in sanjose just to let you know. thanks for your time!

      AiM: Sir Chinkal0t
      Geo X Ped w/ xt pipe, kn filter, hp carb, .750 spindle, and a tank relocator. selling for $500+shipping

      soon to have an x ped...


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        dude i thought u were buyin mine for 325?