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MUST SEE, clean, fast G23LH engine

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  • MUST SEE, clean, fast G23LH engine

    Im selling a g23lh engine for my friend. He just bought his sport go-ped about a month ago, now he wants to sell the motor and possibly buy an RC. Well anyway this motor is the freestyle and speed machine.The motor doesnt have an ounce of dirt on it eaither anywhere on the motor. Honestly, its one of the tightest LH's i've ever seen. Even with the .800 spindle, it still has GREAT bottom end, and also great top end.

    Check it out on ebay, it has a lot of mods for an LH. Check out the pictures!

    Brand new High Performance ADA Airfilter w/ velocity stack and choke- $45

    High Performance wa-167 carburator- $85

    High Performance TeamGoNads X-can- $75

    .800 long drive spindle-$40 (Little worn but still works great and gets great traction on tire)

    ADA Block off Plate-$35

    Rocket Key-$10

    Brand New Spark plug-$5

    Lightened Flywheel-$40

    Check out the pictures on ebay!

    Also will look at trades, possibly a RC motor.

    175 buy it now... That is an absolute steal...
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    Come on this is an amazing deal conisidering the coniditon, mods, and parts. 175 buy it now... come on...


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      "Should do around 30 mph"

      Your average E-Bay seller...


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        "Should do 45+"

        Your average ebay seller. Your lucky i put that low considering what some other people put.


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          i think it does 30-


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            its sold eric... it was gregs old motor


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              i think i realized that when i looked at it


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                shut up, ill kick ya assjp

                i just got my .800 spindle on my SXP... this **** womps... i was running a .675 before... i cant wait to race your white ped.


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                  get ready i got a 900 on it u are gonna have the best race ever and the most compettive


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                    ill admit it will be the most competitve race ive ever had... its going to be a good race... 900 u say? well see...