race/show super x for sale
race and chromed supa x for sale
hey I have a supa x ped for sale it is in good condition runs great goes about 30-35 max speed.

apperance parts-

chrome side scoop
chrome fancover
black gas tank cover
lexan deck
blue under light rope
x ped rims
ada 20" bars
goped robo stem

performance parts-

ada air filter
meyer filter cover
big bore carb
ada chrome head kit
ada s2 pipe
x can v.2 with chrome elbows
steel ftg
.800 spindle
probably more stuff just can't think of it.

I don't have pics yet but I will post soon. I am trying to sell for $550-650 u pay shipping

It has a black x ped frmae and a g230rc. I have put over $2000 into this ped not including buying the stock ped. I put alot of money into the other engine then bought this one and it runs great. it's a nice show/race ped.