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Black Super X-ped Forsale...$450!!

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  • Black Super X-ped Forsale...$450!!

    am selling my Hyrbrid x-ped. It is in good condition, only thing it could use is a hp or rc carb, shroud, and a new paint job. i am running a stock carb on it now, and it runs good. starts in one push.
    Mods and parts:
    -ADA stalker filter
    -ADA stalker exhuast
    -lh crank
    -Rc cylinder and crank
    -Silver MD billet deck
    -ADA black grind deck
    -Polished slide tube
    -Blue tank cover
    -x-ped block-off
    -.650 spindle
    -x-ped billet rims(spokes painted black)
    -x-ped bars and stem and shortened pole
    -steel ftg
    -brand new cup bearings
    -lefty fork and double sided old school fork(for more i will put brand new chrome bothy forks on)
    -brand new break and throttle cables

    This x-ped runs great. the best thing i like about the stock carb, is that you only have to push it once and it starts right up. Its fast for a stock rc with a can and filter, has good torque.

    Asking $450-$500

    Note: does not come with the chrome bothy forks unless you pay more then $450..and does come with a spark plug(not pictured..)
    pics will be right up....
    aim: Xtremefear300

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    Frame was painted yesterday. everyhitng was cleaned. the exhuast, filter, slidetube, epws, and the forks were polished.

    BTW: i forgot to say it does come with e black fancover(being repainted) and a polihsed x-ped blockoff..

    BTW: iam fom gpn, to try to sell my x-ped. IM me if you have an in sig...
    aim: Xtremefear300


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      nice paint
      yamaha ttr125l, renthals, scott grips, soon to have some new plastics, and n-style graphics.


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        pics dont work
        -My ped:
        I'm getting a Super Sport Complete Upgrade Kit with...
        Super X-Ped orange frame and fork, G230RC, TGN Model 3 Air Filter, TGN Fancover Scoop, .710 Black Magic Spindle-For freestyling.