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[FS] He23hp with xtraz..

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  • [FS] He23hp with xtraz..

    Hey, i am selling my complete engine - exaust. It come's with ported cases, ported cylinder dont by Highrev24, lh crank, large x-port, hp filter, and tgn carb linkage, and also a BF 700 MD spindle. The engine runs perfect, witha almost a new ring, and i will throw in the old one aswell. It is ready to run except exaust. I am selling it for 275.00 shipped with tracking number and confirmation. Here is my feedback... O and it come with the mettalic silver fancover as well, and msd boot...


    just ask for more if you need em...

    Aim: ShAdY1Nc
    SuPeR BiG FoOt: CuStOm KaNdY ApPlE ReD, He23Hp, ThIn X-PoRt, Q-CaN, .750 AdA SuPpOrT SpInDlE, ClEaR GaS LiNeS, ChRoMe AiR FiLtEr, Et CaBlE ClAmP, Et GaS KaP, Et BlAcK ChEvErOn DeCk, KaNdY APplE ReD FaNcOvEr, DdM TaNk CoVeR, PoLiShEd RiMs, SbF BaRs, PoLiShEd PrO ClAmP, PrO GrIpS, PoLiShEd SlIdE TuBe, ChRoMe MrI FeNdEr, 3rD BeArInG SuPoRt, AdA LoCk DoWn, AdA JuIcE BoX, RaCe PoRtEd CyLiNdEr & CaSeS

    If iTs tOo LoUd YoUr ToO DaMn OlD!!!

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    just to let u know u could get all that for 200 any where.....
    to goped.... or not to goped.... that is the question