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My 40/46 Custom Build

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  • My 40/46 Custom Build

    Every project has to start somewhere...

    Freshly "Corrected" frame waiting for welding and fabrication.

    Lets see what happens next!


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    Oh man, your break tab fell off.
    My Constitutional Rights Don't End Where Your Feelings Begin


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      Your frame looks just like mine right now.

      My backyard view looks nothing like yours though. Jelly.


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        No capping of the frame?


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          Originally posted by blt113 View Post
          Your frame looks just like mine right now.

          My backyard view looks nothing like yours though. Jelly.
          Don't be too jealous, that view comes with a price. Hippies and liberals, GRRRRRRRR!!!!

          Nice! Looking forward to seeing this one go together. Even more so cause Southern Oregon needs more riders. Let us know if you need anything, happy to help.
          Hell Fab


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            Rogue valley represent! Great start to an awsome platform! As DoH said Don't hesitate to reach out for anything.
            Pedfest 2014

            Originally posted by depog revilo
            Steve, I am really excited to see yours.


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              Thanks guys! Really happy with the yard even if I need to scare the occasional hippie off of it... Not sealing the frame yet, have been thinking about using the pre-existing hole under motor mount to run a hidden toggle switch that will get covered by a cap. Kind of a nice option to disable my ped in case I have to lock it up somewhere for a bit. Also looking for some metal work for custom flybars. Will post more pics of my progress.


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                Engine, Ready to Get Mounted!



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                    First Startup After Break In


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                      A Long Day

                      Attached Files


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                          You can't ride without a chain... good job! What's the color?


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                            I have some parts that would benefit your ride, we need to get you hooked up!
                            Hell Fab


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                              Chain and everything is all on, now, and went around town for a bit today. Single coat of primer to keep the frame from rusting while I continue to work on it. Though it looks bad now I think my final build may be brown/silver. Shopping around for parts to build custom flybars and custom exhaust. In the next few weeks hope to hear back from an electrical engineer on an induction coil that would give me a 12v power tap with little/no performance loss and that would not be mounted over the flywheel.