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Scooter pro's pro bike.

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    Originally posted by Gpedcruisin View Post
    How do you like the Geo over the 290?
    Ha..... The 290 is too much power in this application.
    The Pro bikes suspension makes it interesting.
    With the 290 you have to lean forward when you accelerate..
    And lean back under braking...

    The brakes are best described as marginal with the 290 fitted..
    The Black Magic spindle slips if you cram the throttle open.. And the tyre was disappearing fast.
    The exhaust can is too loud.

    With the Geo-
    Its quiet
    Has enough power to propel it along at a reasonable speed
    Uses up an engine that had no home
    The brakes are sufficient
    The dip and dive of the suspension is not noticed
    The tyre should last a while

    What I don't like is all the bulk of the Geo with the plastic engine cover..
    It looks out of proportion..
    I wonder if an RC engine cover will fit.

    Overall I like the Geo now... especially on the Pro bike..
    Its the perfect amount of get up and go..
    It will make a nice compact paddock bike at the race circuits..

    It has a lot more grunt than a stock G23LH
    Even when I fitted a bigger carb to the LH, it wasn't as torquey as the New 2016 Geo.
    ... J.
    There is nothing that cannot be fixed with a good cup of Tea.


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      Originally posted by MrTea View Post
      And, you can see the video shot during the ride on this scooter adult?


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        LIL RED

        I was looking at the Pro Bike recently....
        And thought, its missing something..
        A bit of red..

        Sniffing around Ebay..
        I came across a G23L power unit.
        The G23L is like an LH, but it has a clutch on the flywheel..
        Its like a miniature G43L.
        The barrel is a mirror image of the LH barrel.

        The engine was originally fitted to a long reach hedge trimmer.
        Model LRT2300

        The story on the engine...
        The hedge trimmer developed a fault when only a few weeks old.
        The fault manifested its self when the machine was tilted to one side..
        Under the warranty, the engine was replaced with a new unit..
        The engine then sat on a shelf for 10 years..

        Roll on to 2016.
        I paid about the same as buying a McDs burger.
        Figured out what the fault was.
        The soft flexible rubber pick up pipe in the tank... was twisted..
        When the machine was tilted over, the clunk filter would drop to the other side of the tank..
        This would cause the pipe to close up, and ultimately... the engine would shut down..

        There loss.... My gain..
        Received the engine in the post..
        Stripped it down completely, and checked everything out.
        It was like new inside.
        But, changed the crank seals due to the age of the motor.

        Cleaned the carb out..
        Fuelled it up.. And it fired instantly.
        Strapped it on to the ADA clutch housing, and fitted the Black magic .710" spindle.
        Took it for a spin..

        Very quiet.
        It pulls nicely and smoothly.

        It is a little bit lean under acceleration.. so I will open out the main jet when I have a minute.
        Its running a .39mm jet at present.
        ... J.









        Last edited by MrTea; 10-30-2016, 03:02 PM.
        There is nothing that cannot be fixed with a good cup of Tea.


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          Neat engine! Mr Tea always finds cool stuff.
          50mph+ Electric Ped
          KT100 GTR


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            I got one also. Weedwacker still works too. I haven't decided what I want to do with it. I laughed when I imagined someone pulling engine and putting on a GSR 54mm and ride to someone's house taking shaft of weedwacker then switch engine and cut their weeds and ride to the next job site lol



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              This has moved on....
              On Ebay there was a new genuine Zenoah 26cc barrel..
              It would only have fitted a long reach hedge trimmer...
              It will also only fit the engines with the clutch on the flywheel as it goes on backwards compared to a G23LH engine.
              As the Pro bike already had a backwards engine, I sat and waited for the price of the barrel to come down..
              It only took 18 months of waiting..
              I was really lucky on the 26cc piston... A genuine Zenoah piston came up a few days later for a few £..
              It is now running 26cc with a 15mm carb..
              Runs very well with good torque, and its reasonably quiet..
              … J.
              There is nothing that cannot be fixed with a good cup of Tea.


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                Would be a good motor for a Stray Kat frame.