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Trail Ripper Build

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  • Trail Ripper Build

    Hi all, I've just bought a trail ripper and I've decided I haven't got enough projects so this is my new one. 😁

    First thing I want to do is upgrade the braking, I'm going to hydraulics and larger diameter rotors, I know I need the wheel adapters but I have two questions.

    1. What is the largest diameter rotors that I can fit, if anyone has previously put larger discs on one.

    2. I know I need the adapter kits for the rotors to the wheels, can anyone think of any other parts I may have overlooked.


    p.s. I will keep this chat updated on the projects progress through to completion.

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    So, I've encountered my 1st issue

    I thought I'd push the boat out and go for some fully floating hope discs to go with the v4's problem is the rotation is the wrong way round. The discs are designed for a caliper on the left where the caliper is on the right hand side of the goped.

    Anyone reccomend some good discs.


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      Youll be fine running them the opposite way.


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        Originally posted by f1gopedder View Post
        Youll be fine running them the opposite way.
        Thanks for the reply 👍 Hopefully it will be ok, looking at it I might be able to fit the rotors the wrong way round (writing towards in inside of the wheel) as this would mean they are rotating the correct way.

        In other news I've had the first of the v4 caliper setups arrive, only problem is the hose is too short. I need to look for somewhere that sells the correct diameter hose so I can make some longer lines up.

        Pictures to follow...

        Oh and any ideas on a colour scheme, I'm thinking of orange frame and black accessories.


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          Pics of the whole scooter!


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            Originally posted by ESR_RSE View Post
            Pics of the whole scooter!
            I'm away on business this week but on Friday I will get some. I've had a message that my parts have been delivered too so Friday should be a good day


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              The current state of affairs. Had my first DDM delivery and fitted the new bars and hub adapters.


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                Dope build. Gtrs are where it's at. All I've been seeing is electric every were.
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                  Thanks, I'm really impressed with it. Cant beat a two stroke. Has anyone seen any good mods to do or build for it.


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                    I got a thread on mine, started at pretty much the same spot as u. Gtr 60 build 2015
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