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Bigfoot build

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  • Bigfoot build

    Found my first Bigfoot frame outside after 3 house moves. This was my first bigfoot bought new in 2005. This one had the newer twist grip with stock g23lh.

    I bought a ddm Bigfoot kit including ufo filter, jetpro pipe, and .950 spindle. I added a 54mm clutch kit in 2006. I modified A hyrbrid motor with a g260 big bore kit. I used a g23lh carb with intake.

    I took this goped to the Route 66 rally in seligman, Arizona in 2006. It made the 50 mile challenge without breaking down. My brothers super Bigfoot couldn’t make the first 25 miles due to tuning problems. A fellow gopednation member let my brother barrow a gsr40 to finish the race.

    Im first gonna start with a running super Bigfoot donor. It has a 29cc with jetpro pipe. I already changed out the old bearings and converted to newer Ftg. I’ll post more photos soon.

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      2 Sports and a GSR40


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        This is the super Bigfoot I’m gonna use for parts. The slide tube is glued to the ftg. The motor is a 4 bolt 29cc motor with 750 spindle. I’m looking into a headkit once I rebuild this motor.


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          Got everything swapped over. New mad dog brake system.


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            Found my old ddm black magic .950 spindle. Starting to rebuild the motor using a ada headkit with 15 to 1 compression. I’m using a cy stuffed 2mm crank. Zenoah snap rings, piston pin, and washers.


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              Got the motor assembled together. I’m now using a ada s1 pipe with new sikk toys mounting hardware.
              New parts I added:

              ada tall intake manifold
              ufo filter
              copper gaskets
              2mm stuffer crank
              ddm tall v stack
              bigfoot pipe bracket
              1.5L tank

              Im using a .750 spindle for the break in.


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                Awesome! Coming along nicely.
                *******Pedding since '02********


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                  Thanks for you feedback. Still working out the kinks. The motor is bogging with weight on the back tire. I’m currently waiting until the humidity lowers before tuning.


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                    Took the Bigfoot out for the first road test since rebuild. On the way back, i lost 2 crankcase mounting bolts. Upon motor assembly, the intake manifold was identified backwards.

                    New longer crankcase bolts with lock washers were added. After slight tuning, motor response is good. Added new pull start delete.


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                      Lookin good. I like to use a drop of threadlocking compound on engine hardware to avoid losing them to vibration.
                      2 Sports and a GSR40


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                        Added speedwerx exhaust pipe. The original manifold had short g23lh exhaust mounting pattern. I had to file/drill the holes wider for mounting on the g290rc exhaust mounting pattern. It was off by 1 to 2cm.


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                          Originally posted by Youngbone623 View Post
                          Added speedwerx exhaust pipe. The original manifold had short g23lh exhaust mounting pattern. I had to file/drill the holes wider for mounting on the g290rc exhaust mounting pattern. It was off by 1 to 2cm.

                          thats one hell of a pipe....where did u get that pipe


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                            I got it from eBay. I always wanted one since early 2000s. Super rare. The goped runs strong, just need a race pole. The current FTG wants to slide up.


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                              Nice build, And I saw that pipe up for sale on ebay you deff paid a pretty penny for that one. By chance is the super bigfoot frame up for sale? Id be interested if it is lmk