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Blade Z 450w to gas conversion

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  • Blade Z 450w to gas conversion

    What's up people! I just scored a blade z scoot for like 20$ and the batteries are dead...I'm pretty handy and I've done other similar projects. Just tryna talk to anyone who has done it on this particular scoot. I have a spare weed wacker I'm gunna take apart but it doesnt look promising. I would like to find a better weed wacker. Any tips would be awesome. I also realize I might need to get a hold of a welder. But if I didnt have to that would be awesome. I know there are several blade z gas scoots I figured I could just find parts for a gas model and just bolt everything together.

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    I think it'd be tough without a welder. I haven't seen it done before but you can make it work with enough fabrication skills!


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      It would make more sense to clean up the blade z 450w and resell it. Then get a proper gas frame go ped.

      Looks like can get parts here:

      and the SLA batteries are like $74 shipped for 18Ah set from Amazon.


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        If your really inclined to build this your probably best bet is to buy a evo\uberscoot rear end and mate that to the electric scooters deck. Don't let people tell you it can't be done. Anything is possible if your willing. I'm sure isn't active anymore or its just operating as a scam.
        Last edited by bladezevo2; 05-26-2020, 10:35 PM.