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Bladez EVOlution II

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  • Bladez EVOlution II

    I'm converting my beloved Bladez Moby comp into the Bladez EVOlution Dos Equis edition (the most interesting scooter in the world) by retrofitting a Uberscoot 2 speed transmission into the Bladez frame. I know what your thinking.

    "Goped or go home".

    "Just sell it and buy a gsr460".

    But hold on to your cylinder plating there young wippersnapper. You can keep your breaking masterlinks, uneven loose and tight spots and chainlube, I'll keep my clean, silent, simple belt.

    "But wait a minute I've seen the final drive on those uber beaters is chaindrive now." (RIP evo x2)

    Why yes your very observant. I'm bringing back the final drive belt. Evo x2 was a much better setup then having both belts and chain on the same scooter. Let's keep it all in the family. #beltlyfe. #suspenderssuck

    I found this online I'm hoping this site is trustworthy as it's the only place I found that's been updated since 2009...

    I've already Upgraded to a ported g43l. It's a runner! Got me threw Multiple 80+ mile trips. I've got a geo coil and a 813 carb (just need a billit manifold anyone wanna sell me one?)). I've got a bladez pipe I've already started cutting up and rewelding to fit.

    And I'm spent. Was it as good for you as me?

    I'll continue to Upgrayedd this thread as the project continues. I'm waiting for Kevin Costner to arive with my newest parts order then it's time for a step two. You won't believe what's in tow for this project. I'll be as happy as a turtle with my home on my back or behind me...

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    2 Sports and a GSR40