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G2D Blackout Build

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  • G2D Blackout Build

    Restoring an old G2d I got sitting in a bucket of parts. Cylinder needs one of the exhaust bolt holes re-tapped but the inside is brand new. Needs all the internals. Crank, piston, bearings, seals etc. Already got a pipe and a .800 spindle w/3rd bearing. Plan on porting it either myself or finding someone on here that can help me out! Really just looking for any input/ thoughts/ ideas for the build.

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    Any questions you have or parts you need I can answer or have. Shoot me a PM, I have a Built Flowsystem/ET 1mm Stroker G2DHP on my Martin Monster. I love these old vintage engines and they can be made to run with most built RC's besides the real exotic ones.