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Fun Super sport/Xped build

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  • Fun Super sport/Xped build

    After a 5 year hiatus Goped has called me back.. I built a nice super xped with all the goodies in 2016.
    F270 w/ ada head kit, raw jetpro rc pipe, powder coated pearl white xped frame, carbon fiber deck, mico suspension forks, rancho race clamp, ada bars, Hollywood scoop, ddm billet AF, billet manifold…..shouldn’t have sold it but now that she’s gone I had to fill that void.

    I saw ddm had a applecore spindle and that sparked my interest again…

    I started with a HD sport frame from Dave’s and a .700 Apple core spindle.

    I got a 5 spoke billet front and a solid billet rear, with a black bothy fork, brake caliper, plastic throttle, ddm billet air filter, Ddm block off, fully gripped wood deck,and a braided throttle cable.

    I use mission bmx brake levers. Look and work nice.

    I went with Chung yang for the motor, nothing against zenoah but for a 270, 160$ I think is a killer value.

    *build start*
    I took off the cy throttle linkage and used a carb prep kit and put a swivel on the butterfly. I had to drill it out to attach it, trim the shroud to allow room for the throttle cable and spring. I like this setup much better. The angle it had the cable coming was garbage. Got the bars from eBay I can’t find a slide tube anywhere except zero error which was blue or red.

    This is a blacked out ped right now. Routed cable under deck between deck mounts and it is perfect length almost on side of being too short. I trimmed brake cable to have zero excess. Mounted motor (with m5*16 I believe) hex heads instead of Philips. Mounted third bearing support. I have new gas lines coming to redo tank with nice colors and add in-line filter. Got oil coming for the two stage foam in filter.

    I already got some Vp racing power mix 25:1 when I’m ready but it will be a while til I break it in.

    I am leaving frame black for now with intentions to strip and powder it one day.
    maybe go green or sky blue..

    I’ll post pics and small write ups as I continue work on it. Comment below to stay up with the build. Cheers y’all
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    Bars and pole are together. Got a race clamp that goes over slide pole from Zero Error racing. Pretty stoked to find one. And ADA for the top clamp and handlebars. 18” wide 24” height. Zero wobble. This pole is impressive for a foldable one to have zero wobble to it at all, even before race clamp. Now it’s solid. Grind plate coming later this week.
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      Fuel tank has fresh neon green lines routed
      billet fuel in-line filter added on. Routed through holes in frame (my previous builds I never used them for some reason) ada tank cover added.

      I put a stalker spacer on my rear vent can to add surface area probably won’t have any effect on performance/ sound but does look nice.

      Rocking dual engine protection washers, other one in the gas tank spacer. Rather be safe than sorry.

      I have a msd boot coming tomorrow and some super flex 6 awg silicone wire to make a new spark plug wire.

      grind plate comes next week from engine Trix I am very excited for that. Had to remove kickstand in prep to install, good riddance.
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        Engine Trix grind plate attached. Kickstand unaffected I thought I’d have to remove it.
        the HDPE ET used is really nice compared to wood it slides well and looks sweet to boot. I got the Xped deck and just had to drill two holes 20mm above the top two holes. I am pleased
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          Looks good. Keep up the good work.


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            Originally posted by Youngbone623 View Post
            Looks good. Keep up the good work.
            Thanks I appreciate it. Grips coming Monday then I’ll add little things gas cap frame clamp as I get more money gotta take a break hah been fun though


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              New odi grips are on I really like them. They’re the sdg collab han solo grips. I’ll be breaking it in this week with vp racing 25:1 power mix.
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