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FYI for anyone doing a tetra build or skopod build with an ada mount...

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  • FYI for anyone doing a tetra build or skopod build with an ada mount...

    So I called and ordered a new ADA mount directly from ADA a few weeks ago, when it arrived it did not have a shim, I called back and inquired about the missing shim and I was told the design had changed / was revised to not need it any more, now this is probably true if your running a 460 but if your building a Top Secret Tetra 60 you will find that the 60 crank hits the clutch bell without a single shim in place. Additionally the Skopod kits have even thinner clutch side mounts so they would most likely need 2 shims to fit though I have not tested this as of yet...

    Just wanted to get this info out there as I hadn't seen it posted and I also wanted ADA to know that the community will continue to need shims for 60 kits.

    Thanks for looking!!
    7 60s, 5 Tetra 60's, 2 Skopod 60s All with AG Porting and all motors with FS pipes

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    Also it would be nice if ADA added the shim to the website, currently the only way to get one is to call!!

    Thanks ADA!!!
    7 60s, 5 Tetra 60's, 2 Skopod 60s All with AG Porting and all motors with FS pipes


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      I have a V1 mount and required the shim to mount a Tetra yes.
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        I suspect the subject of clutch fitment will never really go away and the truth is, there is no one to blame. Depending on the product, the manufacturer is trying to compensate for a design flaw that originated with GoPed themselves. The UNI-Frame mounts sat shallow to begin with and every aftermarket maker tried to compensate only to find that other aftermarket part makers did the same thing. The end result is, some products work together and others do not, the only way to find out what products are compatible is to try it and give feedback just like you have done. There are simply too many combinations for all makers to find the sweet spot. It works great in one combination and fails in another. Speaking for all I'm sure, we are all working together to make sure the end user can find a solution that will work!


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          There is an international standards organization, the ISO. This is something that they should have a spec for. If they don't then it is no wonder this problem exists, because how would any one manufacturer be able to know how to conform to it? Maybe someone smarter than I am could look that up, and if there isn't a standard, I think we should propose one. Of course it's no guarantee that everyone will comply, but it would be a step in the right direction.


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            The v1 ada mounts needed two shims to use for a skopod 60 and only 1 shim for the revised mount.. id rather compensate a shim to get perfect clutch engagement rather than have a shallow clutch engagement like the pmw mounts on a skopod

            The v1 ada mount needed 1 shim for a 460 and 0 shims now that they have compensated for the difference
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              If anyone needs a shim, I have the one I made for my 60 before ADA made their own.
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                Originally posted by SM Go-Ped Guy View Post
                Also it would be nice if ADA added the shim to the website, currently the only way to get one is to call!!

                Thanks ADA!!!
                Ask, and ye shall receive!
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                  Now THAT is what I would call.....unsurpassed and lightening fast customer service.
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                    Originally posted by Brooks View Post
                    Ask, and ye shall receive!
                    Is there anything else we all want from Brooks? Now is the time people

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                      By the way, this thread right here is a great example of what makes this community so special.

                      High fives to SM and Brooks.


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                        Originally posted by Arick View Post

                        Levers, Race Pole......
                        +1 fir sure
                        Originally posted by traxxas7137
                        Or it leaned out so it's smooth power VS gurgle gurgle EXPLODE