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NEW GTR46R (GP460) idling issues/flooding.

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  • NEW GTR46R (GP460) idling issues/flooding.

    Have had my Trailripper for about two weeks now and have encountered some idling issues... Just two days ago after riding it around town it, as I was coming to a stop the engine sputtered at idle and then died. Started it back up and ride home. The next day I rode it again and was running fine until it ran out of gas... Filled it back up and when to ride it again and as it was warming up at idle it dies... And ever since then it's not wanted to idle relieably. I replaced the plug with a NGK Iriduim Plug and checked for spark, spark is there. I noticed that a lot of fuel/oil was coming out of the exhaust manifold (running Jetpro Rhino pipe) and all indications point to flooding. So I readjusted my carb settings to L-1.5 & H-2... Not sure as to where my idle screw should be... But even after that it didn't want to idle! We are talking about a brand new scooter! After messing with the adjustments and taking the plug out multiple times and wiping it dry, I was able to get it to start and idle but it idled high and so as I attempted to lower it the sputtered a little and died again... Man, I'm at a loss for ideas. By the way I'm in a tropical climbs where the humidity is high and it is hot.

    I've looked all around the forum and haven't any chance of getting this ped to run. Would appreciate some love with getting it dialed in. Thanks!

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    Check this thread out. Try my carb setting steps in this thread. Post #4.

    See where that gets you.!!-please-help!!


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      Turn the idle screw in more.

      It seems weird, but it needs to go pretty far in.

      If that doesn't work, then tune carb H & L, check fuel/oil ratios, etc.


      My best tip:

      Hold throttle down when you pull start it.

      Keep pulling until it fires. Then let go of the throttle.

      If it dies, then you need to turn in the idle screw more.

      Repeat until the engine can run on it's own, without needing any throttle.

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        How is your fuel ? Is it dirty ? Perhaps when you ran out of gas something is stuck in a filter or the carb. Just a thought.
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          So I called DDM yesterday and talked with Doug, you seem to be an older experienced gentlemen, and explain to him the scenario. After talking with him he had advised me to pull the cylinder and check it for scoring in scratching and if found the probable cause would be low compression. I pulled the cylinder and sure enough there were scratches and scoring in there, who Who would've thought on the pad this new it would seize or score so early? So I went ahead and ordered a stock head kit replacement and I'm praying that does the trick!


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            show us a picture of your cylinder and piston, shouldn't do it so easily and early unless:

            Improper break-in( no WOT running within 1-2 tanks of fuel)
            Improper ratio ( always run rich at break in or new cylinder, should be 25:1)
            improper tuning ( lean out is BAD, always rich at first)

            If all done correctly, then it could be a manufacture defect. Unfortunately, I don't see any warranty expressed on those engines due to their nature....
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              replace plug with ngk cmr7h


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                Hey guys, it's been a few weeks. So I just got the cylinder replacement kit in today and got that all assembled... Go to start it with the choke on and it has the intial turn over. Turn choke off and doesn't fire. I've adjusted the carb to 1.5 L & 2.5H (rich on the top for break in of new cylinder). Going to order another spark plug as advised. Thinking I might need to clean the carb too.


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                  Just cleaned the carb too and no go... I even put back in the stock spark plug wire... The only thing I have left to try is the NGK CMR7H


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                    Originally posted by FireFromGod
                    Just cleaned the carb too and no go... I even put back in the stock spark plug wire... The only thing I have left to try is the NGK CMR7H
                    That'll do it and also put the high to 2 turns out


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                      Okay, you were right... A simple change of the spark plug, from a new NGK Iriduim to a new NGK Standard plug did it. I don't get it though! I've used Iriduim plugs in all my Peds in the past and never encountered this issue. Weird