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Chain Issues GSR40... Opinions?

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  • Chain Issues GSR40... Opinions?

    After breaking my HP carb because I suck, I reassembled my 40 and decided to pause working on cars and take a day to get it road worthy again. I had to buy a Dark Soul chain breaker and black magic front sprocket from DDM because my ped has a horrible problem with eating chains alive. After today though, I believe I know why. Upon further inspection, it appears my clutch bell is unbalanced and the clutch bell bearing is shot.

    So here is my predicament: I am going riding in a friend's neighborhood in a few days. It won't be hard riding so I think I can make it through a few hours without killing a chain. Do you think the bell and bearing have been eating through my chains? The front and rear sprockets are lined up and they both seem relatively well balanced. I am using cheap ebay chain but I know that it would last longer than a few days of riding on another ped. I don't see any contributing factors other than previously mentioned. I will replace the clutch bell and bearing as soon as I can but I would like to know if that is the problem.

    Thank you for reading and I appreciate any replies.

    P.S. sorry for not contributing to the forums with all these questions. Oh and is PMW really going bankrupt?

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    A shot bearing will definitely contribute to chain getting munched.

    Don't use cheap chain, I tried, it continually failed. It can work for awhile, but always fails when it counts.

    The 6003 bearing is common in the bike industry, I get them for as cheap as $6, and this will get you through the ride. BUT, you get what you pay for.
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      Anything off at all will ruin chain quick.

      If you are turning 10k RPM, that top sprocket is turning around 10,000 times in one minute, the big one is turning something like 900 times. So, in 2 hours of mild riding the top will turn easily 100,000 times, and each link will hit a tooth something like 600,000 times....or some craziness like that.

      So could ruin chain quick.
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        In 2 hours...

        A sprocket will rotate 1.2 million times at 10k.
        A 6 tooth pinion will hit 7.2 million times..

        Buy quality bearings and chain.........
        .... J.
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          Thanks, my math isn't so good while driving hahaha
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            Roller bearings are made out of pretty hard stuff, much harder than the cast cases and clutch housings we use. IF the bearing is worn it is likely that the hole it fits in may also be worn, as one condition helps to accelerate the other. Extended use with a bad bearing can mean the bell may be worn as well So when you replace the bearing make sure it fits very snug in the hole of the clutch housing and the bell fits snug into the bearing, or you will just keep chewing through chains sprockets and, bearings like a hungry beaver.
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              Thanks for the replies, I can't replace anything before I ride (am out of town right now) but I will inspect everything including the clutch bell Housing and replace all that is damaged asap.

              Also, what do you consider cheap chain? Is the stuff ddm stocks decent? What is in your opinion the best 25 chain money can buy?

              Thanks, Joseph


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                The stuff DDM sells is good stuff - 2nd best I have found

                Your housing bearing race may be worn as well as the bell shaft. Replace as necessary with the other components. Also check alignment on the sprockets. The right tensioner can also help if the wheel sprocket is not perfectly concentric.
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                  Slitz is selling 2 ADA billet mounts with ADA chromoly bells. Smokin prices.
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                    gocartgalaxy sells #25H. it's not KMC HD chain, but it lasts and is only $25 for 10 feet. i used to buy that and do an inspection after every ride to see if i needed to replace it. though it isn't as good as KMC HD, it's not far off and MUCH cheaper. 10 feet of the stuff lasted me about 3-4 months. and i rechained several peds for others while on extended rides.

                    vxb sealed bearings.

                    the newish ada bell is my favorite, but i don't know if it fits the gsr40 housing.

                    steel rear sprockets are a must.

                    inspect your chain AFTER every long ride or every few short rides. if it's not tensioned right it will cause damage to everything.

                    use quality lubricants, it makes a huge difference.

                    pmw is not going bankrupt again. their other businesses are making money enough to keep goped open. they simply want higher profits from less work and so are selling goped.
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                      Ok, I was planning to buy this bell:
                      along with a bearing.

                      The chain has lasted for two rides so far. Thanks for the help, hopefully I don't have to replace too many parts. Once I work out this problem, I can't get on to making it go and stop faster. It's slow as an intoxicated sloth and you can guess how it stops with a single front pre mad-dog.

                      Thanks, Joseph


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                        The ada chromoly one is better. But that is still a great bell.

                        Look on vxb bearings. Measure your bearing and look for a better replacement there. Definitely go sealed. Never buy generic bearings.
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                          Ok, thank you guys.


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                            I think I'll go with the steel bell, just because it is so much cheaper. And def high quality bearings as well.

                            Anyways, I think those are all my questions. Thanks for putting in your 2 cents!