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Gp460 need assistance

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  • Gp460 need assistance

    Hi everyone i have a sgsr46r with ada headkit 13:1 and i it has extensive piston and cylinder damage so now im going to go back to stock i want to rebuild engine again i would like to flush out anything in the crankcase ie, metal fragments if any excess oil so in order to do this do i pour straight gasoline in or my mixture of fuel i use also going to replace gaskets piston and ring throw new stock 460 cylinder on new spark plug and I assume ill have to do the break in process again so can i have some help on what u folks think the best way to clean crankcase is and if i use just straight gas pour in swish dump out repeat and then let it dry over night then do the rebuild and assistance is highly valued and greatly appreciated..

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    If you’re going to rebuild the top end and you’re worried about metal shavings in the crank case then I would rebuild the case too. Take everything apart and use soap and water and an old tooth brush to thoroughly clean all surfaces AFTER removing the bearings and seals. At this point they are junk because of possible shavings in them, even after you think you have cleaned them enough. I thoroughly cleaned the bearings once when I was replacing a top end after a seizure. A few seconds into my ride one of the bearings seized to a lodge metal fragment that never got washed out. Unfortunately the crank got hot enough to wear it broke between the bearing and the spindle. Also unfortunately it was a rare Engine Trix 1mm stroker that I bought for $200. Don’t make the same mistake. Since then I replace all bearings if I get into sever engine damage. Your answer..... replace all gaskets seals and bearings. Thoroughly clean all surfaces with soap and water....... brake cleaner is ok too.


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      Ok sounds fantastic I truly appreciate the response back and hope u are still pedding will do everything as mentioned and will update.


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        No problem. When reassembling, make sure to coat the bearings, seals, piston, rings, piston pin bearing, and cylinder with a little 2 stroke oil. Make sure to have rags or paper towels handy. Been Goppeding since I was 13. I’m 32 now. I still ride, just less often.