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Engine Parts / Mods Questions

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  • Engine Parts / Mods Questions

    Hey All,
    I'm in the process of figuring out a build for a Trail Ripper and I've been reading about engines and mods and unfortunately for a non-mechanical person like me, there aren't a whole lot of clear explanations or clear numbers for a lot of things. I'm hoping through some basic questions I can get myself to a point where I have a better understanding of what it is I need / want:

    1. Of all the usual suspects of Goped engines (CY, Zenoah, those new 63ccs, ect.), is there singular one that is known to offer the most power assuming basic mods have been done?

    2. Case reeds. What are they? What do they do? How much of a benefit does a given engine get from it?

    3. Its been suggested to me doing a head kit / +1mm stroke to an engine is of small benefit, and porting makes the most difference. In general would that be a true or false statement? If so why do so many people seem to do head kits?

    4. How quiet can your general high revving Goped engine be made to be? The one thing I remember above all from my Trail Ripper I had when I was younger was just how unbearably loud it was. Is there a particular pipe that is known to be quietest?

    I know some of these are broad questions but any info would be helpful.

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    1. Gp460 will be cheapest to mod or replace if blows up
    2. Check google and also basic 2 stroke engine operation
    3, Head kit increase compression to increase hp but then need to run higher octane. Same as with car engines
    4. Pipes are always louder than stock, can't get hp for free


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      If I were you, just get a stock Gp460 and buy the toymaker clutch for it. Ride it around as is and save your money for replacement clutch packs and parts as the engine breaks.


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        Those new 63cc engines have more torque than the GP 460 and are more reliable. You can gear taller for more speed and still have more low end torque.

        That's what I'm putting on my trail ripper.