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Will a jetpro sport silenced pipe meant for a g2d work on other motors?

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  • Will a jetpro sport silenced pipe meant for a g2d work on other motors?

    Hello, I just bought a closeout of old goped stock and included in it came a jetpro sport silenced pipe. Would this pipe be suitable for a cy29rc or g320rc on a sport or would it have a negative effect considering the pipe was made for a 23cc?

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    That pipe is made for a G23 not a G2D.

    It should work fine on any RC granted it doesn’t hit the spark plug. These manufacturers don’t necessarily put the R&D time into tuning these pipes for specific CC, most of goped pipes were adapted from competition chainsaw use (which were larger CC anyway) Jet Pro would be one of the better of them however you may want to matchport the manifold, other than that, throw it on.
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      Wow I feel dumb lol, I swear I saw g2d hopefully I'm not going crazy. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

      unfortunately it wont fit as is, the spacing between the silencer and the manifold is too narrow and it does not reach the exhaust port on the cylinder when mounted. I guess the g23lh has a thinner fan cover or something.
      I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with it, may just sell it. Or I may possibly try to bend it, or even see if I can get a shop to modify it


      • #4
        Ended up modifying a spare fan cover I had and it seemed to help enough to get the port to line up. Just need to weld on some new mounts and it should be acceptable. Sounds decent too.
        thanks for all the input and help


        • #5
          Interesting, probably could’ve heated and bent it to remove the interference, but it looks like you got it working. You definitely want to secure it soon, the tend to crack if you don’t. But I bet it goes pretty well. What size spindle do you have on that? Top speed? The clutch is a cool addition.
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