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New gp460 clucth engagement?

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  • New gp460 clucth engagement?

    I literally haven't floored the new engine yet still breaking in but my gsr40 g43l would literally start going and the clutch would kick in on low RPM. I have yellow springs in my new GP460, How's the clutch kick in with the new gp460? I heard it's high. At least higher than my GSR40.

    Do I really have to press throttle and let her get up there in RPM'sbefore it engages clutch ? I pressed the gas lightly tapping it and literally no movement in chain yet. Thank you for your time and so much thanks in advance for everything this forum has helped me with so far and for things to come.

    She idles beautufully and I have one more heat cycle to do tomorrow before I jump on her and take off for a easy ride for a tank and I want to know if I need to smash the throttle hard because I haven't felt the chain or tire even slightly move yet when I lightly blipped the throttle. Also my new GP460 clutch I was just noticing looks to have (rust?) Or something on it. Not exactly sure but it definitely came like that last week and when I received it brand new from DDM image_32911.jpg
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    Jump on that thing and smash no need for all this warm up. U can't say there is a problem or diagnosis it if u haven't rode it. Pads are made of material that looks like that


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      Originally posted by rayrayebh22 View Post
      Jump on that thing and smash no need for all this warm up. U can't say there is a problem or diagnosis it if u haven't rode it. Pads are made of material that looks like that
      You're right I'm going outside in 10 minutes. Just got back home. Gassing up and I pray to fkin lord i take off and the clutch works and engagss. I miss riding I fkin bad. I can't wait to feel the power and difference of my g23LH AND G43L


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        It runs! I mash the throttle after one heat cycle and cool off then I hit the throttle after it warmed up again and it j was moving. My vesting is 64 rear sprocket 7 tooth front. It's not as fast to end as I'd like. What is a good gearing I should go with for top speed and still have good acceleration? I'm 145lbs for reference. .