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Velocity Stacks. Are they worth it?

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  • Velocity Stacks. Are they worth it?

    I understand the purpose of the velocity stacks but are they worth buying? I found 2 different ones or designs. But which one is going to give me more torque? The longer the stack, the better?

    The one in the 1st pic doesnt have the curve on the inside but it seems to be longer and the other one has the curve. I dont know which one to chose
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    Either one, theoretically the one with the tapered Venturi would be better due to the taper. A decrease in volume causes an increase in velocity.

    Q=V/A where Q is the flow rate, V is velocity and A represents area. Although the ID of the openings are the same. The smoother you can make the transition the less frictional losses will incur due to turbulence created by the restriction, a laminar flow is more efficient.
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      Your g2d already has a stack on it under the air filter bud


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        Was wondering if the one in the first pic was better. But I know, just cant get enough of this goped stuff lol I grew up riding them. It's been 15 plus years since i touched one and last Christmas i got back in the game.


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          I do know the second pic is called the torquer. It is the stock one that is on my GTR. Also DDM is pretty good about getting answers from as well have bounced several things off them on occasion.
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            Velocity stack is just to mount your air filter this isn't a real big deal, that's dope u got back in the game I'm a feen for goped as well and understand the addiction but u already got hp air filter, stack don't matter G. Your rockin a G2d with just about all u can do to that motor. I would send it to be ported or just buy a bigger better motor off daves.


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              Go with the 2nd one. Always. It matters. Dsport is correct.