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gp460 clutch slipping/overheating

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  • gp460 clutch slipping/overheating

    Finally got My 460 installed on the evo and the tank mounted but while I was breaking the engine in I decided to go for a little ride. The first problem was the engine seemed to have to rev Waaaaaayyyy to high to get going. It felt like the clutch was slipping the whole time and after going maybe 50ft down the drive way I felt the clutch and it was blazing hot. Now I'm not running stocking gearing but not way too off. Stock evo gearing is 54 to 11. I'm running 54 to 17 and the stock puny little engine never had any trouble in first gear. I posted a picture of the clutch on the stock evo engine but there is no way that will work on the 460 is there some other clutch I can use because this thing is totally unrideable at the moment. Seeing that other people have used the 460 on the evo surely someone knows of a different clutch?

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    it sounds like your clutch is engaging too high. maybe try low stall springs on your clutch so the engine wont have to revv so high to engage later but sooner. my clutch new was burning hot for 15 minutes of easy riding for a stock engine that did 30. after wearing it in and spacing the engine from mount to air it when the case hung further it was cooled better. the heat from my engine was trapped inside the mount and bell burning.
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      Thanks bro, can I get low stall springs from daves motors, thats where I got my 460?


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        I went from the yellow springs to the Toymaker g43 clutch adaptor. Wayyyyyy better. Perfect engagement rpm in my opinion. It’s expensive tho. I haven’t tried the ddm low stall springs but the advertised engagement isn’t much lower than the yellow springs. Do it once and do it right imo, there is a reason why TM designed the adapter b/c all the options for the stock 46 clutch suck!
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          Thanks ds I will look into the tm clutch, I was pumped only to be let down again!


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            Hey guys it turns out after taking off my clutch to have a look over I noticed what looked like some grease or oil smears on the clutch pads. I used a torch to burn off the oily residue and I also heated all three springs with my torch until they just started to glow red and then let them cool down. The idea was to temper the springs so they were a softer metal and would engage at lower rpm. Well the clutch works great now, instant response and no slipping.


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              seems tho your springs were hard instead of stiff? I put 2 hours soft riding then the clutch springs extended therefore the clutch pads dropped far enough to cool the clutch far more than before.
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                I put a new clutch with the yellow springs in my 460. 5700 rpm is engaging. I learned the hard way yesterday about throttle control. Been awhile since I slid down the asphalt! The ped faired real good. Ground the air cleaner, DDM pipe silencer, motor bar & a few minors couldn’t believe it was not worse.
                The power band kicked in ( to fast my fault) I wheelied out of control, supermaned it, slid on the sandy asphalt for 10 feet watching my ride spin around. Learned a BIG Fing lesson!!!
                a burned a couple holes in my shin and elbow. Think I will start wearing leathers with pads after this.
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                  dang bro glad your ok! I know what ya mean, I thought you guys were just joking about wheeling a 50cc motor, even a overgeared 460 will lay you back when the powerband kicks!