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Best Engine For Top Speed On X-Ped

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  • Best Engine For Top Speed On X-Ped

    Whats the fastest motor top speed wise that is a direct bolt on for an X-Ped? I would love a G320RC but Im pretty sure I would need to use a clutch to get it to bolt up and I do not want to use a clutch. Is the G290RC the fastest ? Mainly looking for top speed.

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    I think the g270 is capable of higher rpm after modifications if I'm correct due to the shorter connecting rod, but the 290 has more low end torque which helps if you weigh more


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      Thanks, I thought I had read somewhere that the 270 would have higher RPM. I'm about 170, but I don't care if its sluggish off the line only looking for top speed, I have a .950 spindle. Thanks for the input brotha. I have a CY29 right now, can I put a head kit or something to bump it up a little? Thanks


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        You would just want as much power as possible. At the top end you are fighting air resistance which does not increase linearly.

        Can adjust up the spindle to balance out the final drive.


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          Pretty sure I’ve seen 320s run friction drive. Need some slight modification to the frame (I think the cutout in the frame needs to be enlarged a bit)
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            Its possible to mount the 320 but I don't want to cut the frame at all. I saw a frame that had been cut to fit the 320 and it looked pretty frail. Im sure the motor will still be mounted solid and the frame is probably fine but would rather not do any cutting. Anyone know anything about these Engines?
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              Originally posted by 4drctr420 View Post
              I think the g270 is capable of higher rpm after modifications if I'm correct due to the shorter connecting rod, but the 290 has more low end torque which helps if you weigh more
              Connecting rod is the same as the 290. The 320 will be your best bet or a 290, the smaller engines will be faster with smaller spindles but wont be able to pull larger ones...


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                Sorry I was thinking of the cy270 and cy290, my mistake.


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                  That OBR engine you linked to plus a good end bleed pipe would be the way to go IMO. I have their 29.5cc casereed and while I only have 3 hours on it so far I'm happy. Try not to piss off the neighbors too much.

                  And I'm not a fan of the 320 anyways, it's heavier (not much but hey), lacks some parts compatibility that all the other RC engines have, and I've heard of bearing issues at higher than factory rpms. That's not worth the slight power gain.