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G290 leak?

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  • G290 leak?

    Good day! I have an issue but I am not to sure what it might be as when it comes to the engine I'm not to tech savvy on it. I have a G290 on a Goped Sport right now and for some reason lately after it's been sitting there for hours after use it starts to leak some oil out of the pipe. It just recently started doing it after I had put fresh fuel and oil in it. Also the idle is a bit off. It starts right up but won't idle for very long unless I just give it some juice. It runs just fine if I'm riding it but just bothers me a bit that its leaking a bit and idle is not to great. I was thinking of maybe trying to retune it but wanted someones opinion before I touch anything as I'm not very good with it.

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    A little oil is normal, especially if you're running rich both on the carburetor settings and gasil ratio.
    For the idle you might be a bit too rich or lean with the low mixture screw/needle. But if it's running strong and responsive try bumping up the idle speed just a little with the idle speed screw.
    It takes a bit of time to get used to these and tuning, but it's worth it!


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      Awesome sounds good then. Oh didn't see I did not mention the ratio but I have it at 32:1. I think that's about average I've seen it at. I know some run it on 40:1


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        32:1 is great, if you find yourself holding full throttle for long periods of time you might even go closer to 25:1 for extra safety. But if you ever switch oil ratios you'll probably have to re-tune it.