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Loosing my mind

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  • Loosing my mind

    Okay I have a couple questions if you guys can help first is I just bought a GoPed sport a couple weeks ago and I can't find any specs on what engine it has. second throughout the break in process I started hearing knocking noises and pinging sounds so I immediately contacted GoPed and brought it back to the dealer he told me that he feels a lot of play in the crank and that GoPed has agreed to warranty the engine. Into my first tank of the break in process with the new motor and I'm hearing the exact same noises also causing performance issues at times. Now I'm wondering if it's something I'm doing wrong even though I've owned Two Strokes my whole life I've never had these problems. At the moment I'm running 93 pump gas and benol 2stroke oil could any of this be whats causing it

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    After some research im leaning towards gpl290


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      I went of the recommended specs as using high quality fuel


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        So many things that can be, ive had pinging be anything from a fan cover rubbing on the cooling fan, coil rubbing on cooling fan, bad crank bearings, tons of things.
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          Its a good point that dsport write down.


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            Thanks for the response guys so originally when it happened I did the basics pulled all the covers check Gap remove the exhaust check fitting and torque nothing seemed to help with this new motor now I've put a third bearing and spindle still the same I'd hate to have to drive another hour to the dealer


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              I guess the point of the post is I'm curious if I'm running the correct fuel but everything I see that recommend high quality fuels


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                Pump fuel, what oil you running at what ratio


                • #9
                  I am running 93 pump gas with benol synthetic oil at 25-1


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                    Pump gas is fine. These motors don’t ping from bad fuel. They just run slightly worse.

                    pull that 3rd bearing off. Just lead to more problems/noises. Use the factory EPW. does the motor do this while freewheeling too or just under load? Can you rev the motor off the ground and hear the problem? does this Goped have a centrifugal clutch? Or direct spindle drive?

                    there is something mechanical making this noice. Doubt it’s the bearings b/c the motor is so new. Can you post a a video on YouTube and include the link here?
                    *******Pedding since '02********


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                      Okay great once I get into it more again I'll update you guys