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Tuning help

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  • Tuning help

    My brother just recently got a used snap on red sport , From what i know it seems the carb settings are off with a plethora of other problems.When he’s giving it throttle it just bogs and doesn’t really go I’ve tried to tune this thing but cant seem to find the sweet spot heres some pics if this helps appreciate any feedback!

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    Rotate the Low jet ( Nearest to the motor) counter-clockwise to 1 and 1/4 turns open. Rotate the High jet (Nearest to the Filter) counter-clockwise to approx 1 and 3/8 turns open. If it turns on and idles turn out the high jet dont touch the low jet if its idling Try that and work your way out from there


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      Check the spark plug too
      Surferkain on that screwed up gpn


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        Already put a fresh spark plug in before this process started, but have come to figure out what the real issue might be his throttle cable is engaging the wrong way and doesn’t have a helper spring on it Plus it doesn’t have the correct throttle cable for that engine from what I was told now I have to figure out how to install a throttle cable it looks pretty easy but for some odd reason I feel like it’ll be hard thanks for the input!