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Go-Ped Need help identifying the engine

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  • Go-Ped Need help identifying the engine

    I got this Go-Ped when i was younger as a gift from my parents and use to ride it all the time. I found it recently and want to get it running again. I am starting with a new carburetor but i want to buy the right one. I dont remember the model of it or engine size etc. Wondering if anyone can help me identifying the engine and advice to help me get it running again . I attached a few pictures of it. Thank you

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    G23LH 22.5cc
    *******Pedding since '02********


    • #3
      Thank you!
      Question, how are you able to identify it? Are there any thing that pops out that made it easy to tell, or did you know just from experience?


      • #4
        First I have one.
        Second most of the parts on it I have owned.
        third it’s stock motor on many older peds, and seeing it’s a bit older, and spindle driven. Sorry lots that stick out to me.


        • #5
          It already had a tuneable carb on it. It looks like it needs a new one though. G23 engines never die lol. Your engine already has some good mods. Just needs that carb, airfilter, fuel filter, and fresh fuel.
          2 Sports and a GSR40


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            So i got the parts ordered and on the way. For the fuel. What ration should i do of gas to oil. Im assuming its a 2 stroke but not 100% sure. Any advice would be much appreciated


            • #7
              24:1 2 stroke premix, don’t use the lawn equipment stuff. Use something made for a motorcycle. Maxima, yamalube, klotz, etc.
              *******Pedding since '02********


              • #8
                24:1? I run 40;1 in my g23 powered Bigfoot. It’s what manual said to use when I bought it. I use VP race synthetic 2 stroke oil.


                • #9
                  40:1 or 32:1. Hope you ordered a new sparkplug. If not, you can find them on ebay. Keep up the pedding!