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  • Clutches

    I hear that Toymaker’s clutch upgrade is the cats ***. I am looking to upgrade the clutch on my GTR. Before I just go with the flow, is anyone running the snapper from turtle racing? I like the idea of discs instead of shoes, and the full adjustability sounds like fun.

    thanks for input!

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    Can tell you that tm’s clutch on my riot is awesome. No more hesitation from the 3 spring clutch. You barely hit the throttle and your clutch engages and away you go. I have no knowledge on the snapper though.


    • #3
      By far the most reliable clutch set up on 460 and 60s I've got thay set up on my riot and loving it


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        Thanks guys!

        Btw, have either of you guys upgraded the clutch bell? Is the chromoly really worth twice the price as the steel?
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          I have the steel on mine works great... unless you have the money burning a hole in your pocket. May benefit if your racing your ped but not sure it’s worth the extra coin (imo)


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            Go-Ped riot. I'm so frustrated. I'm about to go to this toy maker upgrade as soon as it comes back in stock at Ddm. A while back I had an issue with a brand new yellow spring clutch not engaging. It would rev way high barely go at full throttle. So I put back on Old trusty Rusty. DDM sent me out some clutch saver Springs to see if that solves the problem. Fast forward to today. I installed the 1 mm stroker crank, the ESP ported modified 1 mm squish cylinder head to accommodate the stroker crank, installed upgraded sealed clutch Bell bearing, chromoly Ada clutch Bell and Ada chain tensioner I was ready to rock. I put on a fairly new clutch off of my go quad heat cycled the cylinder once and I was ready to tune. I hit the gas same thing as the brand new clutch way too high of a REV and no go. I put back on trusty Rusty double checked and made sure there was no grease or oil on the new chromoly clutch Bell. Still nothing. I figured I would try the brand new one again and the same thing. Frustrated I kicked the ground to take off and went downhill gave it some throttle and it responded a little bit. Finally it started to pull a little bit while I was already going. It seems like it has to be glazed like new rotors on a car this is ridiculous. Any ideas until the toymaker adapter comes back in stock.???

            update. Re torqued the head bolts changed out the carburetor for the one on my go quad triple checked for air leaks. Started the darn thing up still had the problem. I placed the DDM clutch saver Springs on my new clutch set everything back up started it and away I went. I did not get what happened but I'm glad it is solved. I still cannot wait till the toymaker comes back in stock
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              Me too, missed out on purchasing the two shoe clutch on sale at ddm a week ago.

              so how is the chromoly bell compared to the old one?


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                It seems to not be getting as hot as the still one. But other than that not much of a difference. Woooooo hooooooooo i purchased a toymaker carrier see email correspondence
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                  Heck yeah!