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  • What silicone to use

    I just picked this up from my local auto parts store. The other high temp silicones clearly state not to use for headgaskets or on parts in contact with gasoline. I plan on putting on another pipe on my super gsr46 later an id like to use it on my new stalker exhaust can for my Bigfoot an just a tiny bit on all the mating surfaces of the gaskets like the carb an insulator manifold gaskets so that I have no fuel leaks. I'am an automotive technician and have been tinkering with all sorts of engines for most of my life. I can't stand the look of the silly bright colored silicones I either stick to black or grey when I need to use some. An it's another reason why I liked this.
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    That’ll be good for sealing surfaces ie manifold to cylinder, cylinder to case, etc. but don’t be surprised if you try to use it between the pipe and manifold and it blows out.