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Help with 2020 Sport Lite SE idle issue

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  • Help with 2020 Sport Lite SE idle issue

    I've got a 2020 Sport Lite SE with the R230 engine. Ran great at first then I put a 3rd bearing support and a .710 spindle on it and now I can't get it to idle & it wont turn over if I pull start it. It'll push start fine but as soon as theres no load with the rear wheel off the ground it just dies. I've reset the carb to factory settings and tried tuning it but nothing's helped. Any ideas?

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    Try Turing the idle up?

    also you’re saying it won’t turn over when you pull start? There is a difference between turning over and actually starting/running. Are you saying it won’t start with the pull start? not sure why you’d need to use the pull start on a direct drive Goped, or are you mentioning this for diagnosis reasons?
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      Ok, I meant actually running. And yeah it won't start with the pull start. I know I can just bump start it but for diagnosis reasons & if I wanted to tune the carb on the bench It wouldn't be possible at the moment since It wont stay running at idle.