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New throttle cable kill switch issue

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  • New throttle cable kill switch issue

    Installed a new DDM throttle cable with the attached kill switch wire that comes on it to my SXP with its stock red kill switch button. Should be plug and play right? NOPE. Goped wouldn't bump start after a few minutes of kicking it around. Began to touch the wire on the handle bar while kick starting it and it began to sputter and run and if I touch the brass part on the handlebar kill switch wire it will run but when I give it throttle it dies so it's quote confusing. I think there is a ground issue with the new cable. I noticed that the PMW and DDM cables look different. The PMW has a complete wire and the DDM cable has two clamps on both ends that possibly share the throttle cable as the kill wire.
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    The cable shorts to ground on the carb linkage. old GP cables all used to share the cable as a ground but since carb uses a plastic insulator it’s normally not an issue. You’ll need to run a separate wire or figure out your grounding issue at the carb.