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GTR Chain or Drivetrain upgrade

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  • GTR Chain or Drivetrain upgrade

    Hey y'all,

    I bought a basket case gtr to do a wicked build on.

    The last GTR I owned I had pretty spiffed up, but the chain was the weak link I couldn't figure out how to fix. I bought a nice chain off DDM, new steel sprockets to match, new clutch bell, new motor, ada tensioner, aligned the sprockets very carefully, checked and adjusted before every ride, kept it clean, lubed with pj chain lube. Still, that damn chain made me walk the scooter home a lot.

    To be fair, I live in Seattle, it is very hilly. And I want motorcycle-esque reliability out of this toy.

    Reading around online it seems there are pretty low expectations for the drivetrain and my experience isn't too crazy.

    I would like to increase the chain size, switch to a belt drive, add a cvt, add a jackshaft or SOMETHING to fix this Achilles heel. I looked at getting a Honda 50 motor but those are such honkers it seems like there could be a more fitting solution. Next I am going to look at Tanaka parts to think about fitting the jackshaft design they use onto my GTR.

    Has anyone out there upgraded the drivetrain on a chain drive goped? Or will I be blazing the way?


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    #25 chain just kinda sucks. I am sure the water and hills does not help. I have found that there are various quality of chains too. eBay #25 chain is probably the worst but I think GoPed direct was best. (but I think I used DDM too) I just know that I have pieces where they claim to all be #25 but will not connect to each other.

    Do you have your own chain breaker? I would think it makes sense to just replace the chain often since it is easy to do. Having a replacement chain and the tool in a bad would keep you from walking.
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