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Having issues getting ped running... (GSR40

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  • Having issues getting ped running... (GSR40

    Hey y'all,
    I bought a gsr40 off a guy riding it around the hood. It ran decent for a bit, but was leaking fuel. I ordered a fuel line kit, and it sat for a couple months. It's fouling plugs before it will start, and I'm pretty sure I need to rebuild the carb. The carb is a wt-603 and after looking around it is showing that that carb is for a smaller motor application. Am I better off just ordering a new carb, and if so what do you recommend? It seems the wky-33 is a pretty popular option.

    Thank you,

    Mods that I know it has are a jet pro pipe and It looks to have all the components for the ada racing hp carb kit, but the carb is different.

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    As far as rebuilds vs new carbs go, I say it depends how mechanically inclined you are. They aren't too challenging, especially after doing it a couple times. Being attentive and having a clean work area helps a lot. I'm not familiar with that engine so I dunno what carb is best on it. If it's fouling plugs real easy, the carb is probably it, assuming you've looked into the default tune settings. If the carb is way out of adjustment that can cause the issue too though.


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      I have torn it apart from the intake to the cylinder and checked the gasket set up. Everything looks to be correct. I'm going to check the pulse hole. I don't really understand what is going on with that, but read that could be an issue as well. I can get it to start and keep it running with the throttle, but as soon as I let the RPMS drop it dies. After that it's a crap shoot on if it will start or not. I can't get it to idle. I've tried everything from 1.25 to 1.75 turns out on the low jet with the high jet set at 1.5.

      The other issue I had was The exhaust manifold screws back out when I first got it. I replaced them and made a gasket with liquid gasket. I've looked through the port and can see a hair of the liquid gasket. I can't imagine that would cause it not to run.


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        Gosh that would be frustrating. I've been there. There's an idle speed screw if you've checked that. Maybe an air leak somewhere if it's not the carb.