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  • Sport G23LH modified engine

    These days everyone or a lot of people modify a GSR. And people that modify a sport just buy a new engine. Maybe they modify it, maybe not.
    I get it, buying a quick double horsepower engine is easy. I have done it as well.
    BUT, how many recently just modified a stock G23LH. And by that I mean, who has done free modifications???
    Porting, blueprinting, modify a stock carb, modify a stock muffler, etc, all in the search for better flow and more power.
    I will do this. But interested in people who have. A little work can go a long way. No extra money spent and put out as much or more power than a bought G230RC engine.
    The experience that the early pioneers of the first or second Gopeds can be resurrected or brought back to life for the history or the sport.

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    I’m in the beginning of doing the same, but I’d like a second top end just in case I F it up 😂
    was looking at this motor but only have a pic and can’t figure out what it is…anyone have any thoughts?



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      Can you ask for more pics? Hard to see, looks like a 23cc lower, maybe a G23LH, but top looks bigger. Maybe a big bore, 25cc. Obviously a tuned pipe and stock 15mm carb. Depending on the price, I would buy it.


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        I am about to stock porting my stock used head and case. I have 2 heads, one has a helicoil. But, it was installed too high, a loss of compression with that.
        Has ANYONE deleted the base gasket???
        I am not sure what squish is good for the G23LH. I will run 93 but I am willing to run an octane booster. Compression always helps power.


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          I'm currently doing the same. I have a Stock G23 (working on building out a 29cc with a stroker big bore head) I will be porting it and have kicked around keeping it stock displacement and just finding a second Z case to build out. (Might throw this TS head kit on it as well, I can't decide🤣)

          The only mod that is non-negotiable for me is an upgraded carb. The stock carb just isn't "IT" for me. You can easily get a WA167 new for less than $50 tuneable and plenty for a stock motor. But, that's just my opinion.

          If anyone comes across any Zenoah G23 cases let me know. Locals want stupid money for these stock engines, I could just buy another HT.


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            Yeah I have a few 167 carbs and a few 668 carbs. I want to push the stock parts as far as possible. Almost done, a little held back by not having piston rings. Next time I will use a single ring piston for higher RPM's.
            ddm has a cheap CY case, I bought one to build up. Cy23rc.


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              love the wt 167 carb almost my fav but wt 929 with no primer bubble it was originally for a water cooled rcmk 260
              it’s crack head crazy fast