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GSR40 Custom Pipe / Need Advice

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  • GSR40 Custom Pipe / Need Advice

    I couldn't find an existing thread on this particular topic. I'm looking to use one of the GP460 pipes I have on a G43L. This is simply because I have them and can't afford to buy the correct pipe. I have a Jetpro Rhino pipe and a DDM Dominator, both having an integral "manifold" as opposed to the kind you can slide on and off. The plan would be to cut the existing pipe at the exhaust mount and weld the ADA "GSR40 Exhaust Manifold" in place so the mounting surfaces are correct. I'm not concerned over having to make custom mounts.

    I'd like to hear opinions from the community;
    1) Would the engine performance suffer from this being the incorrect pipe? (I'm currently running the stock muffler can)
    2) Which of the two pipes I have would be better?
    3) Does anyone have relevant DIY experience or tips on this matter?

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    Dominator pipe is a no-go. It's not even close. The Jetpro on the other hand looks significantly closer to being able to fit with all the plastic covers taken off of the g43. The manifold will need to be welded slightly farther into the pipe to prevent the pipe from hitting the spark plug boot where it wraps around the top. Also the support arms coming from the pipe will need to be replaced with custom length pieces to reach the bolt holes on the starter assembly. Updates to come. Feel free to kick in some opinions, I'm all ears.