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Gp460 reed problems

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  • Gp460 reed problems

    Hello everyone I recently got a gp460 reed ported for a slitzell reed and I’m trouble getting it to idle properly. I’ve got an hda 48 carb I swapped out the 223 pop off spring, pulse cap, throttle shaft, and high speed needle. I did a couple heat cycles running 25:1 and the base carb settings were at 1.25 on the low and high. I took it for a ride and it seemed to have a lean bog so I richened the low a little witch made it better. Now when it idles it dies. I have messed with the idle adjustment and low speed needle. I checked the plug and it’s black but not oily but the engine fires on choke witch is confusing if it’s a rich condition. Anyway I changed the plug and it ran for a little but the same thing happened even with trying to re tune it to the “sweet spot” I’m starting to wonder if I have an air leak. Any ideas of what could be going on or anything I’m doing wrong would be much appreciated. I would’ve liked to figure it out myself but I am too frustrated with it at the moment

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    Sounds like a leak. Might need to disassemble carb and reed and flat sand the surfaces. New gaskets on reassembly.


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      I swapped the carb back to the 223 and it is running a lot more stable than it was but I’m thinking about getting new gaskets and trying again thank you ESR for the advice.