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GZ51N vs GP460

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  • GZ51N vs GP460

    So i have purchased a huge lot of goped parts at a yard sale and didnt know exactly what i was getting at the time. Amongst those parts is a gz51n that looks to be in good shape. I have a gsr40 frame that i am starting a build on. I want this to be a pretty wild build but have no need to do 60mph.
    Is the GZ51N that i already have a decent option compared to buying a new gp460? Do they perform better or worse? and is there anywhere i can get any aftermarket parts for it?
    Whats the value of a gz51n if i were to sell it and buy a gp460?
    Thanks in Advance!

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    Probably best to sell the 51N since never really heard of it. Lots of parts for the GP460 and easy to service or upgrade.


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      I asked DDM about the engine. They said they had never had anyone call or email who had one but that they are on par with a stock gsr40 engine as far as performance goes and that there are virtually no internal performance parts for it. But they seemed to think it would be worth more then a gp460 to the right person due to rarity.
      I'm gonna throw it on ebay and see what happens.


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        Anyone know how I should tune my 223 carb on a 460 with a dominator? I’m pretty new to this


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          The Zenoah GZ51N is a Strato charged engine used in brush cutters and leaf blowers.
          The design and build are far superior to Chung Yang engines.
          Remove the carb adjuster restrictors, and they will release a lot of power..
          The one in the photos has had a few home mods..
          .... J.

          DSCF2757.jpg DSCF2758.jpg DSCF2759.jpg DSCF2760.jpg
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